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Talyn and Justin
Talyn and Justin

Talyn and Justin
Profile: An Unusual Proposal

Born in Montreal, Oluwatoyin “Talyn” Tawose lived most of her life in Nigeria, West Africa. She moved to Canada at the age of sixteen and attended University of Toronto, where she met Justin’s sister, Sally.
One Thanksgiving, Sally invited her to join her family for dinner, where she met her step-brother, Justin McArthur.

“I thought Talyn was just my nerd sister’s nerd friend,” says Justin. “Talyn could not stand me.” Thins changed as Talyn got o know Justin and fell in love with him because of his honesty and charm. Two years later, their relationship inspired Justin to propose marriage in an unusual yet endearing way.

“It was Christmas Day,” Talyn recalls, “and a girlfriend picked me up to take me out. Along the way she stopped in front of a park and asked me to get a blanket out of her trunk. I thought this request was strange but then assumed it might be part of her Christmas present for me. I pulled the trunk latch but it didn’t open so I pulled harder, and when the trunk did open, there was Justin, in the trunk.”

“I froze in shock but when I heard my girlfriend turn up the music, which was playing one of my favourite songs, I screamed in delight,” says Talyn. “Justin came out of the trunk, took my hands and walked me to the park where shared his love and devotion for me and asked the magical question. I ran around in complete joy until I realized that I had said ‘yes’ in my head but not out loud. So there he stood freezing and puzzled. I ran back to him and said ‘yes’ and took a lot of mental pictures just in case it was all a dream.”

Organizing a Great Wedding Fast
The couple wanted the wedding to take place as soon as possible (four months) which depended on the earliest date that Talyn’s folks could get a visa to travel from Africa.

They wanted their wedding to show their individual personalities, demonstrated by Justin walking down the aisle to the theme song from Austin Powers and Talyn walking in to “You Are My Home” by Vanessa Williams and Cheyenne.

The wedding and reception really celebrated two cultures coming together. The bride wore a Western-style Cinderella wedding gown by MoriLee and the groom wore a tuxedo. In contrast, the bride’s family dressed in traditional African attire with headgear, shawl, wrapper, and blouse. Guests enjoyed both Canadian and Nigerian food and the bride’s parents handed out purses and gifts from Nigeria.

Okay to Show Emotion

“While waiting for our groomsman and bridesmaids to be cued, we had spent a lot of time laughing in the waiting area,” explains Talyn. “We had recalled our favourite memories with each other and I guess it got a bit emotional.”

“I was sure I was going to cry while walking down the aisle,” says Talyn, “especially because I had cried while trying on my wedding dress. But I felt fine and there was Justin--crying and being handed a handkerchief by one of our groomsmen as I walked down the aisle.”

To us, marriage is about respect and caring sincerely about the other person’s well-being”, says this newlywed .

“Seek the other person’s smile everyday,” says Justin. “And bring honesty to your marriage by being who you truly are. Keep each other laughing.”

“It’s exciting to have someone in your corner,” says Talyn. “Having a different personality to stretch you to think outside the box and consider alternatives to your reality, is one of the great things about being married.”

Talyn and Justin also suggest that you go with your gut feeling and do only what feels right for you when planning your wedding. Read Then Comes Marriage (Zondervan Publishing, 2001) by Angela Elwell Hunt and Bill Myers. And do what one of Talyn’s girlfriends did for her—organize a bride’s book that gives easy access to information like phone numbers and addresses, the wedding calendar and schedule, and who is doing what.

“It was crucial to planning our wedding, because I had everything I needed at my finger tips” says Talyn, “and I really appreciated this gift idea.”
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